Teacher: Reading skill crucial


READING is the first skill parents want their children to learn, a head teacher says.
Buk Bilong Pikinini (BBK) University of Technology (Unitech) campus head teacher and librarian Judith Tom said reading was the key and a crucial skill needed before starting formal education and “That is what we are doing at Buk Bilong Pikinini (BBK).”
“BBK is free and is a nice school which is giving a good service to help children in their early childhood education,” she said.
“With faith and belief, things will happen for us. Let’s put God first and he will provide everything for us.”
Tom said BBK had proven to be a success after two years in Lae and hoped to see more children attending their classes at the Unitech and Lae Show Ground campuses.
She said teachers gave their best in imparting something to the children and thanked the hard working teachers and the supportive parents for their unconditional support.
“Children who have attended a one-year reading and writing programme will be enrolled at other schools to continue their formal education and that is the result of a positive learning at BBK.”
Tom encouraged parents in Lae to enrol their children at the BBK centre to start reading classes and later enrol them at a school when they were aware of reading.