Teacher slams union

Normal, Papua

The National,Monday23 January 2012

 A TEACEHR in Port Moresby has expressed anger at the PNG Teachers Association not fighting hard enough for teachers’ rights.
Johnny Kambe, of Gordon Secondary School, said the association was not carrying out its mandated functions to help teachers facing leave entitlement, air fares and other problems. 
Kambe claimed members contributed K5 fortnightly but there had been a lack of support from the association.
“Whose interest is PNGTA serving,” Kambe asked.
“We contribute to PNGTA to represent us but what have they done to the contributions made by the thousands of member teachers across the country?”
He asked if the regional offices of the association were functioning and if so why were they not advocating teacher’s rights in the four regions.
“Teachers all over PNG are facing the same problem and has been ongoing,” he said.
When contacted for comment, an association officer said if Kambe had issues with them he should consult them in person and not make misleading statements in the media.
The officer said not all teachers made K5 contributions and some contributed as little as K1 per fortnight.