Teacher urges students to compete vigorously


STUDENTS of Lae Secondary School have been advised to be competitive to find their rightful places in communities by coping with changes in technology.
Deputy principal administration Albert Sabok said “the world used to be different, but today’s invention and increasing use of modern technology had greatly reduced distance between nations”.
“With free international trade now being promoted by organisations such as Apec, students need to understand and adjust to changes,” Sabok said.
Sabok challenged students to know the agenda of the Apec leaders’ meeting next year and how they would affect them individually and collectively.
“Apec aims to promote a free flow of goods, services, capital and people. The free trade will create a strong competition especially from overseas. Competition will be very strong in the new world economy and will affect all countries,” Sabok said.
Sabok said students must discipline themselves, do their homework and revisions, be punctual at school, and develop better habits and attitudes.
He said these qualities will give students the competitive edge to compete.
He urged students not to be slack when there were policies for free trade, free flow of goods and services, free capital and movement of people.
“Don’t be slack when this happens. Stop lazing and spending too much time unproductively,” he said.
“Everything’s becoming free today and there’s outside people coming freely to access those services.”