Teacher waiting payment

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The National, Tuesday February 11th, 2014

 As teachers are looking forward to resume the 2014 academic year, a primary school teacher in Western Highlands is a worried man.

His worried with his overdue payments. 

Thomas Kara from Nunga Primary School, in Dei, has cried foul over his long overdue payment. Kara said he has been put off the pay roll early last year with three other senior teachers from the same school.

He said he didn’t know the reasons and had checked with the provincial education administration but did not get a favourable response. 

Kara said he had been told to provide necessary documents and to see people at the Teaching Service Commission in Port Moresby. 

“I travelled to Port Moresby and lodged my documents at TIC.

“I was told to wait for three weeks for a response but that never happen.

“One officer told me again to go up to Mt Hagen and check with the education administration. 

“The same thing happen when I reached Mt Hagen,’’he said.

He said the concerned authorities were passing the buck and kicking him around like a soccer ball.

Kara said they were professionals and could not be treated in that manner. 

“I have kids to looked after. It is possible that my kids will not go to school this year. I have been waiting for almost a year and suffered a lot,’’ he said.

Kara is urging the chairman of TIC to rectify the situation.