Teacher writes book for small businesses

Lae News, Normal


A BUSINESS Studies teacher at Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School has published his fourth book, Bookkeeping for Small Businesses, second edition.
Lippy Jiram’s books are all on bookkeeping for small businesses.
The latest edition was officially blessed by the school’s chaplin last Sunday and witnessed by his family and the small community of Bumayong Lutheran Secondary school.   
Mr Jiram said all his books were  aimed at helping students as well as small business owners to  increase their skills and knowledge on basic bookkeeping and cash management.
There are seven topics discussed in the fourth book , such as what is bookkeeping, cash flow budget, keeping records of cash flow including petty cash, buying and selling of goods with cash and credit, balance sheet and profit distribution among others.
His interest in writing started when he went into owning a small business himself.
“Realising the need to educate small business owners, with my experience in teaching business studies for 30 years, I decided to write a book, a simple, easy to understand book about bookkeeping,” he said.
It took him 10 years, from 1996 to 2006, to publish his first book, titled Single Entry Bookkeeping.
He went on to publish three more books on simple bookkeeping.
This fourth book is intended for students and small business operators.