Teachers’ failures cause of drop in standards

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday November 16th, 2015

 EVERY time in the media we read about and hear teachers complaining about pay, leave fares, housing, conditions of school etc.

The whole country sympathises with them but never one time have they highlighted their own failures.

As a parent and concerned citizen of this country I would like to bring to your attention some very disturbing facts that I believe needs to be seriously addressed by proper authorities in education department and the government.

I am sure over the years the check and balance system in teachers performance and conducts have slackened to a stage where its non-existent.

Some disturbing facts are:

  1. Teachers do not speak and write proper English;
  2. Teachers hardly mark or correct exercise books;
  3. English teachers do not correct an English sentence with a red biro word by word to make sure each and every word in that particular sentence is grammatically correct;
  4. Teachers are not qualified to teach a particular subject;
  5. Teachers are regularly absent from classes;
  6. Teachers wearing thongs and caps into classrooms; and
  7. Teachers having relationships with students.

There are many more which I am sure teachers and those in authority know but have neglected to address.

what kind of future human resources are we producing?

I believe the last lot of the best educated stopped in the late 1990s.no wonder university students nowadays cannot speak and write good English and do not have the right attitude and confidence.

Why is the government pumping so much money into education and yet cannot address this very core issue of educating a child to a world standard not Papua New Guinea’s standard.

Are we educating our children to compete with the rest of the world and maybe one day send rockets to the moon?

I challenge parents, teachers, education authorities and the government to do some soul searching and get their priorities right.

Frustrated parent, Via email