Teachers’ qualifications queried

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The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013


A GROUP of parents have urged education authorities to check the qualifications of elementary school teachers because some of them often fail to turn up to work.

The parents of an elementary school in Taurama, Port Moresby, concerns were raised recently on teacher absenteeism. 

Speaking on their behalf, mother Wendy Ted said it was a concern for parents because some of the teachers tended to turn up to class when they chose to.

“No wonder when students move up to primary level, they have difficulties in understanding lessons because they were not trained properly at the elementary level,” she said. 

A report from the Voluntary Service Overseas by Richard Jones said in the recent Universal Basic Education report that their research showed that most elementary teachers could not read and did not use the elementary language syllabus and teachers guide. 

“There has been no upgrading of the elementary in-service course,” the report said. 

“A few useful resources have been sent to schools and most elementary trainers lack skills in training teachers in early writing and reading.” 

Taurama Elementary head teacher Lynette Turia said teachers possessed skills in teaching but just needed motivation.

She said school teachers were well trained by inspectors and the school revised the teachers’ teaching skills. 

Turia said teacher absenteeism could be resolved if they were provide accommodation at the school.

“Teachers travel from other centres such as 8-Mile or 9-Mile so their absenteeism in class is because of financial issues as the little they get cannot cater for them for two weeks,” she said.

Turia said teachers should be provided accommodation in the school compound so that they could attend to students quickly.