Teachers abandon profession for more lucrative careers

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EAST New Britain is experiencing a shortage of technical and vocational teachers this year as many are leaving the profession to take jobs with mining companies and the multi-billion kina LNG project.
Regional inspector for Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET)  institutions in the New Guinea Islands region Anne Apa said ENB currently had 45 vacancies for TVET teachers in its eight vocational schools and the Malaguna Technical High School.
“The shortage has forced the education division in the province to call for applicants, especially trade persons, who want to pursue a career in technical and vocational teaching,” she said.
Ms Apa said those interested could apply through the education appointment office in Vunadidir with their tradesman certificate, medical certificate and a character clearance from police.
Applicants must have completed Grade 10 and 12 and must be aged between 25 and 40.
“With the increase in the number of students enrolling at TVET schools, the shortage of teachers is worrying the Education Department,” she said.
Meanwhile, she said english and mathematics have become compulsory subjects for all technical and vocational students in the country.
She said the industry’s requirement for workers to have some knowledge on the subjects spurred on the decision.