Teachers’ appointments extended


The Teaching Service Commission has extended the due date of appointments of teachers to the end of the month, chairman Baran Sori says.
“The whole process was supposed to be completed last month, but we allowed some level of flexibility because some provinces have not completed it yet,” he said.
Sori was responding to a call by East Sepik Teacher’s Union president Andrew Kopta for the extension of teachers’ appointments.
“East Sepik PNGTA is requesting teaching service commission to extend the deadline on the closing date of teachers’ appointment,” Kopta said.
Sori said: “For East Sepik I think Sew View Hotel locked the room that they conducted the appointment so they were unable to go into the room.
“So we are looking at the end of school year, when teachers go home they should be informed of their next postings
“There is some flexibility in there when the provinces are not on time, we are just waiting for them to complete. Most of them have submitted, few are working on them (teachers’ postings and appointments).
“We are not rushing at the moment. By the end of this month we should have all the documents completed.”
Sori said more than 40,000 positions would be confirmed by the general education services
“It’s a massive task dealing with 48,000 positions for the country but we hope to complete it on time. Actually, general education services, it’s a division of the Department of Education, they are coordinating the national education board’s function,” Sori said
“Once all those are done, completed, checked and confirmed then they produce the tenure gazette and the commission will sign and endorse. Then it will be forwarded to the provinces to announce to teachers in the respective provinces.”