Teachers are dedicated public servants

Letters, Normal

I WOULD not have been able to write this letter, read newspapers, notices, instructions, directions, etc, if it were not for our committed teachers.
Unlike other public servants, who constantly complain about this and that, teachers continue with their work with little or no complaints despite the poor and hard conditions.
Teachers work tirelessly for long hours, not only in schools but also at home.
As a result, we have countless well educated people in our country.
I am ashamed of the way the Government is treating our teachers. 
Many of our teachers are forced to stay in unhygienic and rundown houses, often without clean water and electricity.
I am ashamed to say this but our teachers’ salaries are so low that even a sweeper in the US earns more.
The PNG Teachers Association is sleeping and it does not fight for its members’ rights or for better packages.
We must remember that without teachers, we are just as illiterate as the next person beside us.
I take this opportunity to thank all teachers, especially those who have taught me.


Esparnor Patrick
Kundiawa, Simbu