Teachers are special group of people

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THE International Teachers’ Day celebration yesterday at the Madang Teachers College was hailed a success.
The day is observed every Oct 5 when teachers celebrate the day as a special group of people who contribute significantly to the development of any nation.
It is also a time when teachers nationwide call for all stakeholders to respect and recognise their contributions.
At the Madang Teachers College, trainee teachers and their lecturers invited guest speakers with vast experience who have made their way up the ladder to become provincial education advisers to share their experiences with the students.
Deputy principal Mathias Sully said the day was important not only for the serving teachers but for those who would become teachers and allow them to respect the day when they graduate.
Mr Sully said even though the Government had a universal education policy, it was the teachers who made sure the children were educated.
Provincial education adviser John Bossi said teachers played a significant role in the overall development of the nation but their contributions were never rewarded and recognised by those in power.
Mr Bossi said teachers were among some of the lowly paid people and named them as the “last in the line with no faces”.