Teachers attend training

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

About 250 primary school teachers in NCD Zone Three completed their national teachers in-service training yesterday.
Head teacher of Wards Strip Primary School and host of the teachers training programme, Emily Ricky, said the emphasis was on the standard-based curriculum and standard-based education.
“This year we looked at standard-based curriculum and standard-based education and we are throwing out outcome-based education,” Ricky said.
“We are moving away from the outcome-based education and the training was to assist the teachers in analysing the programmes.
“It’s an annual event by the Department of Education that runs for a week.
“It’s an opportunity to look at the problems of the teachers and the students.”
The zone three schools include Coronation, Ted Diro, Hohola Demonstration, Tokarara, Eki Vaki, Bavaroko and Ward Strip Demonstration.
Zone Three in-service training has always been held at Ted Diro but this year the venue has been changed to Ward Strip.
“The NIST week was much enjoyed by the teachers. It was very exciting and that’s what they are supposed to do – learn to have fun with children using practical materials,” Ricky said.