Teachers blamed for graffiti in school

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GRAFFITI damage found on school buildings is triggered by lack of regular supervision from irresponsible teachers and school administrations.
Lufa district administrator Peter Gare said  this during the opening of a new school library at Lufa Primary School in Eastern Highlands province on Tuesday.
“Drawings, writings and damages done on school buildings allegedly by school children should have the blame squared on irresponsible attitudes of teachers, school management and administrations,” he said.
He called on the people to care for basic infrastructures like classrooms, libraries, offices and teachers houses as the cost of such infrastructures is very expensive.
Mr Gare challenged teachers, children, school management boards and parents to take care of school buildings so they could last to facilitate the development of human resources for the district.
Mr Gare said the efforts of Lufa MP Yawa Silupa to develop human resources for Lufa district intensified with the opening of four new school library buildings this month.
From Mr Silupa’s K10 million district services improvement programme (DSIP), he spent K1 million to fund the construction of four new school library buildings.
The buildings were constructed at the cost of K200,000 each for Forapi, Lufa, Gotomi and Rongo Primary Schools.
The library buildings keys for Forapi and Lufa Primary Schools were handed over to the school while Gotomi and Rongo Primary Schools are yet to be opened.
Hayaba Construction managing director Bun Wesley said it took them three months to complete the project.
Eastern Highlands provincial architect Paul Hagan coordinated the documentation for the four buildings, formulated designs, coordinated and monitored the progress of the work.