Teachers’ college crippled by lack of learning facilities


THE Balob Teachers College in Lae needs learning facilities and staff accommodation to enhance training programmes, says student council president Kaipu Kandi.
Kandi said information communication technology facilities were also badly needed.
Kandi, from Southern Highlands, was among 663 students who graduated with a diploma on Wednesday.
“Partner churches have tried their best single-handedly to improve the capacity of rundown learning facilities and teachers’ houses, causing many teachers to reside with wantoks in settlements,” Kandi said.
Balob has 43 academic staff and 39 non-academic and ancillary staff.
“Balob educates not only Morobeans but Papua New Guineans but it needs government support to rebuild rundown learning and social facilities,” Kandi said.
“It is fortunate that Minister for Information Communication and Technology and Energy Sam Basil is here, take note of Balob’s need in ICT
facilities to cope with the world” he said.
Principal Jerry Hendingao agreed with Kandi.
“The government keeps neglecting the struggles Balob faces over the years; it receives help from sponsors like the European Union, districts and parents,” Hendingao said.
Basil urged MPs to embrace the notion of partnership by sponsoring students to Balob to strengthen the need for teachers in the 89 districts.
“Due to increased population and student enrolment each year, the benchmark need for teachers maybe 50,000 but we are short by 15,000,” Basil said.
Basil said Bulolo district’s relationship with Balob would continue and assistance to the college would
mean acquittals needed to be produced.