Teachers commission in dark over leave fares


THE Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has not received any information from Treasury as to how much was remitted to provincial finance and treasury offices for teachers’ leave fares this year, an official says.
TSC chairman Baran Sori at a press conference yesterday said the commission was in the dark on teachers’ leave fare budget arrangement for this year and hoped that such information was forwarded to them by Treasury so that they were aware about it.
Sori said provincial administrations were responsible for leave fares and not the commission but it would be handy to also know how much was paid and to keep record.
He said at the provincial level the division of education was responsible for calculating leave fares and that was captured in the provincial budget submitted to the Government annually.
“The commission has no direct control over the control and management of leave fares,” Sori said.
“Normally when teachers in provinces realise that their leave fares are insufficient, they make noise and the commission investigates and finds out why this has happened.
“So for 2019 leave fares, the commission is in the dark.”
Sori advised provincial education advisers to make sure that teachers entitled for leave this year received their leave warrants.

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