Teachers deserve respect, thanks


IT is unquestionable that teachers promote the best habits of independent thought and learning in pursuit of excellence.
Teachers work tirelessly within and outside the school boundaries to meet the ever-changing demands of educational landscapes.
Teachers are provocative, thorough, knowledgeable, relentless, enthusiastic, stimulating, well-spoken, exciting and flexible.
Those who fail to appreciate teachers are dismally failing common sense tests. Teachers prepare learners for a dynamic and unknown future.
Those who fail to acknowledge, recognise, respect, honour and celebrate teachers are certainly ungrateful, thoughtless and insensible.
Nothing in this world can ever change such person.
Teachers have unique skills that enable them to discover how people learn at the most fundamental levels, how learning differs across individuals, cultures and content areas and the conditions that best foster educational success.
Those people who demean, devalue, mock and abuse teachers should be ashamed of themselves.
Astronauts, actuaries, doctors, actors, editors, economists, builders and barbers have all passed through the thought-provoking care of teachers who enlightened them to think, count, read, write and use their limbs and brains.
The world will be chaotic, and unmanageable without teachers.
Teachers also pick up pieces from children with unbecoming behaviours because of parent’s failures.
If governments don’t have enough money to adequately remunerate teachers, they should put in place numerous incentives to keep teachers motivated.
Let us clap hands for teachers and salute them for their industrious work!

Handsen Chikowore
United Kingdom

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