Teachers draw inspiration from Japan during discussion over new curriculum


THE Japan curriculum of teaching math and science will be adapted into Papua New Guineas primary schools, inspector of teachers college Roy Manikuali says.
Manikuali said eight teachers from the 15 teachers’ colleges in Papua New Guinea are drafting a new maths and science curriculum based on the Japanese teaching style to be used.
He said the teachers went to Japan last year to learn about the curriculum of Japan and how maths and science were thought in their schools, which was the fundamentals of their development.
The initiative was offered by Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica)to work with the PNG teachers’ college so that they improve the standard of teaching and students learning.
Many grade 8 teachers do not understands the fundamentals of teaching math and science at the primary school levels and that’s where many students finds it
hard to answer a simple math problem.
“This is a developing country. We need more future doctors, scientists and engineers to help improve the lifestyle of our people, it all started by getting the basics right down to our children,” Manikuali said.
A second team of eight teachers will be travelling to Japan this year.