Teachers get insights into ‘true education’


PUBLIC services would be a lot different and better if those in tasked with delivery and management are trained to bring out the best in themselves in serving the counry.
Papua New Guinea’s long term and medium term plans are excellent development targets but the people entrusted with implementing those plans do not know any better and keep on squandering limited public resources.
This was alluded to in a recent graduation by a senior public servant who works in the Department of National Planning and Monitoring.
Maria-Louise Wau is the First Assistant Secretary for Macro Planning

Henry Tutmulai (standing at left) testifying on how the Personal Viability Business Scheme training has changed his thinking. The headmaster of Vudal Primary School in the Gazelle District of East New Britain, plans to set introduce PV training in his school and community when he returns after completing his bachelor’s degree progamme at the PNG Education Institute in Port Moresby. –       Facebook pictures by BARBRA NENEWA

Division at the Department and highlighted the problem during the Personal Viability Business Scheme (Level 1) graduation at the Human Development Institute (HDI) in Port Moresby last Friday.
After going through the two-week training she believes people involved in planning and carrying out projects must be viable.
“I’ve been involved with planning for 21 years and I’ve come to reaslise that planning is one thing; to implement those plans you need people to be viable. There is so much don’t-care culture and people don’t work with principles. There are a lot of discouraged people.”
Wau is thankful for the opportunity to attend the HDI Personal Viability Business Scheme (PVBS) training.
She was among a couple of other public servants who graduated from the same course.
Henry Tutmulai, is the head teacher of Vudal Primary School in the Gazelle District of East New Britain and is studying for a Bachelor in School Leadership and Management at the PNG Education Institute in Port Moresby.
Henry learnt about HDI through social media.
And after training was time and money (10 days and K450) very well spent.
Henry’s testimony
“I got to know HDI through social media and have been enquiring since last year to sit for the two-week Level 1 training on personal viability. According to their coaching schedule, I did not have any free time to sit the two weeks training because I was having classes. I did not give up, I continued this year and eventually, with God’s timing, there was a training that was scheduled for July 4 to 15, which fell in-line with our two-week semester break.
“Without hesitation, I had the positive mind to get myself registered with K450 that I have prepared because I was motivated to find the real secret of a successful life when reading through books like The Secret to Success – A Positive Mindset by Aron Pitman and Train Your Mind for Success and Happiness by Francisco Bujan.
“This training has elevated me and realigned my way of thinking from the working class mindset to the business mindset. I was blind but now I can see. I can now see the real importance of personal viability which I have to project myself as a preparation of self-development of personal power which is the character and competence to succeed in life.
“If I don’t prepare myself to succeed then I am preparing myself to fail. This Level 1 training has helped me be positive in my conscious mind so that it habitually sinks down into my subconscious mind and signals positive results from the universe and nature. God has given me everything but I am not making use of it or being viable with the resources that He has entrusted me with inbuilt power to have dominion over.
This has motivated me to get started with my family projects, getting start-up capital and investing in other projects. As a teacher for 22 years, I should say this is true education of mind development. Our traditional education system teaches linear thinking, in general, which develops the memory. The teacher imparts knowledge and when we demonstrate how well we remember knowledge, in exams, we then graduate.
“We are being educated to be employees and not trained to be employers ourselves. That is why we are still borrowing, begging and asking for help and not believing in ourselves that we can make anything for our benefit of life using the very rich resources that we have.
“For the remaining years before resigning because I am already looking at my time line, I will abstract lessons and formulate a community based curriculum on PV – True Mind Human Development & Family Upbringing, then facilitate to my students and teachers in my school. I will then extend to the community (parents) to prepare them for the Level 1 Personal Viability Training to be facilitated by Papa Samuel Tam himself in my ward.
There are seven levels altogether in the PVBS which are broken down into:

  • Primary standard which accommodates PV homeschool – informal education, family upbringing, human development;
  • Secondary standard – Micro enterprise which accommodates Level 1, 2, 3 and 4: Rich mindset, Game of Money, Game of Rich and Financial Competence and Game of Business Class; and
  • Tertiary (commercial, small, medium and large enterprises) accommodates Level 5, 6, and 7: Game of Management Systems, Game of Expansion and Investments and Game of Brands.

I personally recommend PV to leaders in government and non-governmental organisations, especially educationists. Despite our qualifications, to sit these training levels enable us to clearly see how our system of education has been colonised. Let us see what we can do to make HDI recognised by our education system because this institute can train our next generation of human resource to take back PNG.
“It is really a desperate need for the minds of the human resource of Papua New Guinea to be able to develop personal power (physical, mental, spiritual) that would enable us to be smart and achieve our 2050 Vision.”
Nancy Tetu’s story
Henry’s colleague Nancy Tetu who is also doing the same course at the PNG Education Institute is likewise excited about the prospect of spreading the personal viability message to others in education circles and the public at large. She has spent over two decades working in the technical vocational training sector of the Department of Education but the kind of training that HDI had given her was nothing quite like what she had been taught or what she had been teaching in her many years in the public education system.
“I been teaching in the TVET sector for 21 years. HDI is all about inclusive education. This institution is a living Bible. I’ve seen a great change. And I say sorry to my inner being (for suppressing or failing to understand its purpose). I want to know my inner being, my sub-conscious mind. It is God living in us.”
She says, “HDI graduations should be held at a bigger location so more people attend to hear about what the institution was doing because Papua New Guineans need this kind of learning.”
HDI has a huge potential to change the country, she adds.
Others who attended the training also testified of learning something that truly challenged their outlook on life and how they had been living.
Besides beginners, there were also a number of trainees who took the course as a refresher after going through three or four levels in the PVBS.
Joshua Jainona has completed PVBS Level 4 together with family members. He has left a well-paid job to do his own thing using the valuable business education taught at HDI.
“I could get back to work any time but I know there’s something better. I’ve been thinking big (about starting and operating a business) but HDI has taught me to start small.”
Founder’s verdict
HDI founder Samuel Tam (Papa Sam) was pleased with the testimonies of his students or praxis as they are called at HDI.
“After 27 years (of teaching personal viability), you’re really seeing what I’m seeing. Very few know who they are and that is a tragic thing all over the world.
“The universe is made of energy which occurs in frequencies or vibrations. We humans alone can the frequency from negative to positive. You can create a different life every day. The choice is yours.”
Papa Sam started the PVBS and launched it on Sept 16, 1996 at the Rev Sione Kami Memorial Church in Port Moresby. Over the last 27 years, over 40,000 people have attained the PVBS education.
It all started from many years of trying to find answers to the widespread problem of poverty in a country so rich in resources.
The search for answers led him to many of the country’s prisons. From interviewing a number of inmates he learnt that sadly, many of them were university graduates who have degrees but still ended up in prison when they had gotten in trouble with the law.
The PVBS training, says Papa Sam, aims to help people bring out the best in themselves to help others.
The next level one training in PVBS is starting on Aug 8 in Port Moresby.
Those interest can obtain further information from the HDI Facebook page or call into at the HDI office at 6-Mile, Port Moresby.