Teachers get religious education training

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The National, Wednesday 19th September 2012

HEAD teachers from 30 Catholic church-run schools in Southern Highlands and Hela are being prepared to introduce religious education to students.
They attended a week-long workshop in Mendi last week.
There are more than 35 primary and secondary schools run by the Catholic church in the two
Deputy Catholic Education Secretary Daniel Beli said the workshop initiated by the Catholic Diocese of Mendi was an eye-opener for the participants.
He said the workshop was to help teachers prepare and plan a simpler teaching programme on religious education and other issues such as HIV/AIDS which had been incorporated into a textbook for Grades 5 to 8 known as “Dare to Love Book”.
He said the workshop was run by Sr Jocye Ann and Sr Gloria of and Samson Joannes.
He said Sr Rose John impressed on teachers the need to educate children on HIV/AIDS.
Lyn Kipe, the provincial exam supervisor, told teachers about how to prepare for the 2012 examination and good exam practices for them as well as their