Teachers give students final pep talk


Grade 10 students at Kopkop College in Port Moresby took time out with their teachers last Friday for some last words of encouragement and well wishes before starting examinations this week.
Grade 10.2 class patron Joe Wenis said teachers had done their part and the onus was now on the students to prove themselves.
“School is like a sporting team,” Wenis said.
“You are the players and we teachers are the coaches.
“Our job is to train and prepare you for the game.
“When the game day comes, you will be the ones out there playing, not us.
“We cannot come and help you in the field.
“We have done our part and now it’s your turn to do your best and win the game.”
Grade 10.1 class patron Charlie Thomas thanked the students for being well-behaved and hardworking.
He said he had confidence they were well prepared and would do well in the exams.

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