Teachers hit back

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The National, Monday October 21st, 2013


TEACHERS in Western Highlands have called on the chairman of Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) Baran Sori, acting Education Secretary Dr Michael Tapo, parents and the government to look at aspects such as living conditions, transport and locations before making public criticisms.

Teachers said they were the key people who had been working hard to educate, develop life and produce quality human resource.

They said this after TSC and the department warned teachers at government-run schools that serious action would be taken for absenteeism without good reason.

A senior teacher in the province, who did not want to be named, said teachers were the worst affected public servants who received little pay, no proper housing and risk allowance, travelled to remote places and exposed their families to risks.

“We are the public servant who struggles a lot for the sake of the country,” the teacher said.

“Without us, PNG will not change and for the TSC chairman, Dr Tapo and parents to come out and make smart comments is totally wrong and we strongly condemn it.”

The teacher said some teachers walked for hours or even for days to reach their schools.

He said others lived in settlements with relatives making it hard for them to be on time.

They only receive K6 as accommodation allowances, he said.

“Teachers use all forms of transport and walk to reach their destination,” he said.

“People must not criticise but say thank you to teachers for providing education and helping the nation to prosper.’’