Teachers important


TODAY, our schools are not like before where students learn in a conducive environment.
This has changed a lot.
Today, schools have become ineffective.
Students, after graduating from primary school, find themselves in the streets and not achieving their goals.
One of the contributing factor may be because teachers are not doing their jobs properly.
Maybe the teacher didn’t guide them well into reaching their full potential or maybe the teacher didn’t teach them well.
According to a research that was done in the United Kingdom, 98 per cent of students’ time is spent with teachers while the remainder of the time is spent with parents.
I believe this research applies to all countries in the world.
This means students’ future depend on the teacher, which is why teachers should mould and shape students to ensure they achieve their goals.
We have to improve our human resources.
Teachers should do their jobs with honesty.
They should be committed to their jobs.
This will ensure that the future generation is well-prepared to take this country foaward.
Teachers are the main driving force behind the development of this nation. They shouldn’t take their jobs lightly.
To teachers, honour your job.

Hillary Likius,