Teachers in on census

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The National, Friday, May 20, 2011

TEACHERS will, for the first time, be recruited to train intending trainers to carry out census activities in East New Britain, census committee chairman Penny Maroro says.
Maroro told a provincial census steering committee meeting in Kokopo on Wednesday teachers had the necessary experience to train the trainers for census, which begins on  July 11.
He said the committee expected a good feedback because they were confident teachers were capable of conducting the training.
Maroro said, previously, LLG managers conducted the training but this year they would only coordinate census activities as they had other duties to perform.
The two-week ENB census exercise was expected to cost around K2 million.
Maroro said some activities carried out last year would be revisited this year and these included the listing exercise and training for interviewers and supervisors.
He said census units would be reviewed and determined since some areas in the province had not fallen under any census unit in past years.