Teachers learn about alcohol abuse

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The National, Monday July 8th, 2013


SECONDARY school teachers in the nation’s capital underwent a combined in-service training at Gordon Secondary School last week. 

The theme of the training, “Sustaining and Promoting Quality Education and Implementing through In Service”, reminded teachers the importance of in-service training in their profession.

The combined in-service for teachers had been revived after three years and was attended by teachers from secondary schools in NCD. The teachers were from Badihagwa Secondary, Kila Kila Secondary, Gerehu Secondary, Tokarara Secondary, Della Salle Secondary, Jubilee Secondary and host school Gordons Secondary.

According to in-service coordinator and vice-chairman of NCD teachers in-service committee Richard Lelori, principals of the schools which elected to have their teachers attend decided to conduct the training because it is a vital component of teacher training and  would be beneficial for the teachers participating to enhance their capabilities towards student learning.

The two-day course covered presentation of topics on “abuse of alcohol”, basic presentation of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and its advantages with education, personal viability and organisational health and safety for teachers.

“The course was conducted after an absence of three years due to financial constraints. We have not been receiving adequate funding from the Education Department to organise the training which is a significant part of teacher development, especially the end result where the students will directly benefit from what the teacher is being exposed to,” Lelori said. 

K43,00 was needed to cater for the training as per requested to the Education Department but when they came back to us with only K16,000. The respective school principals decided to chip in with the balance.

Economics Teacher at Gordon Secondary, Timothy Pape, who attended the training said: “As an educator I find that this combined training is beneficial since it allows more discussions to be conducted from more teachers participating.”

Physics teacher from Della Salle Secondary, Wapson Lara, highlighted the importance and relevance of the discussions on alcohol abuse. 

“Alcohol abuse is rampant in schools nowadays and it was very timely that we were able to get a first hand insight of how the trend is actually emerging in the country.”