Teachers’ leave fare delay uncalled for


THIS is a call to the Education Department concerning the late disbursement of teachers’ leave fares and the duration of their holiday.
Teachers due for leave have plans to go home and spend the vacation with their families.
They should be given their leave entitlements on time at the end of the academic year.
Many issues are encountered when travelling during the festive season, including the delays in flights and shipping schedules and are always fully booked.
Some have a long journey to travel home to reach their district/destination and the responsible authorities should consider such situations.
Late payment means late travelling and could contribute to their late resumption the following year.
Here are suggestions I wish the Education Department should consider:
l Allow 2-4 weeks for teachers who are due for leave to arrange for their travel if leave payments are late;
l leniency should prevail when it comes to resumption date for these affected teachers; and,
l Allow at least two weeks grace period for teachers to arrive at their posted school.
I hope the responsible authorities come up with a better solution than what I have to solve this issue.

Tingting mekenik

One thought on “Teachers’ leave fare delay uncalled for

  • Same old thing (delay) going on and on every year. There seemed to be no sign of improvement. Incompetent officers in education department are holding teachers holiday travels at ransom. They should act fast to help these hard working teachers to go home and spend the christmas with their families.

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