Teachers missing class ‘criminal’


IT is an offence for teachers to abandon their classes, according to Teaching Service Commission Chairman Baran Sori.
“Teachers’ absence from school denies students their right to education. It is a crime and parents have the right to sue those kind of teachers,” Sori said.
He was speaking about the increasing number of teachers seen at Fincorp Haus
“The Teaching Service Commission is concerned about the increasing number of teachers and persons coming to Fincorp Haus, Department of Education and Teaching Service Commission,” he said.
“The commission is aware that some teachers have the culture of leaving school after the national examination.
“This kind of attitude is bad and unprofessional.”
He said teachers were required to be in school and work even if they did not have classes to teach after the examinations.
“They should do other work like filing students’ report cards, preparing resource materials etc,” he said.
“It is not right that teachers are paid but not working.
“I therefore advise provincial authorities to immediately do a check and identify teachers who are not at school and forward the list to the commission for pay suspension.
“Provincial education authorities must call on district education programme managers, standard officers, church education secretaries, members of school board of management and governing council and parents and citizens to help report on teachers who have left the place of work during class time.”