Teachers need better qualifications


T3HE bachelor of education in primary teaching is off the ground and students are already into their second or third year of studies in nearly all registered primary teachers colleges in the country under the direction of the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST).
As parents, transition itself from the National Department of Education, particularly Teacher Education Division, to DHERST is not really clear and our students are already into the bachelor’s programme.
As a former long-serving secondary school principal and assistant to the Minister for Education in the O’Neill government, I, like other people, are not convinced about the details of the transition.
According to research, using questionnaires given to staff and students this year at a particular institution, students were enrolled into the programme last year.
Most of the teaching staff do not have proper academic qualifications to deliver courses at the degree level.
Only a few have masters degree qualifications to teach the bachelor’s programme. I do not think well-established institutions, either locally or abroad, assign a lecturer with a degree to teach students studying for a degree.
The Government, through the DHERST, should check on the issue and ensure rectification is done.
Allowing lecturers to go for post graduate studies may be the option so that courses and other related activities are done properly and delivered at highest level with dignity, pride and honesty.
Teachers are very, very important and must be fully equipped with the correct qualifications and training so that, in turn, will benefit the country’s current and future generations.

Gisuwat Siniwin
Boana – Naweb District