Teachers not allowed to charge fees for remedial classes: Minister


EDUCATION Minister Jimmy Uguro says teachers are not allowed to charge fees for remedial classes on weekends.
Uguro said the Government was responsible for teachers’ salaries and those who did extra work and charged for fees should be reported to responsible authorities.
“This is double-dipping,” he said.
Uguro was commenting on a grade eight student expressing his concern in The National about a primary school in the National Capital District (NCD) charging K5 for each student attending remedial classes on weekends.
The charge was for Saturday classes from 8am to 12pm.
Students who did not have K5 were turned away, the student said.
The student said “appreciation fee” should not be charged as teachers should demonstrate their genuine concern for their students.
NCD education assistant secretary Sam Lora said remedial classes were not compulsory unless there was a subject or an area that students needed more attention or needed to cover. He said the teachers should consult the school board of management and parents to get approval before they conducted the weekend classes.
“I will be addressing this issue with all the head teachers on Wednesday to find out from them.”