Teachers not happy with their postings

National, Normal

A LIST of  postings for teachers in Central province for this academic year, is out at the Central provincial administration office in Konedobu.
However, some teachers are not happy with their postings claiming they did not apply for the schools indicated on the list.
The Central teachers’ representative in the PNG Teachers Association (PNGTA) Joe Kua said yesterday they had been misrepresented in the provincial education board (PEB) and as a result many teachers did not turn up at the schools they were assigned.
“Teachers must have a say where they want to work so they do not feel like they were forced to go,” he said.
He said this making reference to the big number of teachers, who did not attend to their students last year throughout the entire school year.
A report was also published in The National in October last year that resulted in  Central provincial authorities to look into the issue.
Mr Kua said they had been mistreated and were like footballs being kicked here and there whenever postings were done every year.
“There must be a teacher’s representative during appointments so that the PEB will hear the teachers’ side of the story and make postings according to their wishes,” he said. 
Another issue they wanted PNGTA to resolve was on the positions advertised in the newspapers in 2008 and last year, where teachers applied but after their applications were seen, the positions were re-advertised.
He claimed that many of the teachers who applied and got accepted,  held  acting positions and had no permanent position until the end of the year. 
“Teachers have been acting on the same position throughout the year and end up having no position at all, this has been an ongoing issue and  its about time it stopped,”