Teachers not receiving payslip want clarification


East Sepik teachers have not been issued payslips for more than three months, according to PNG Teachers’ Association provincial representative Andrew Kopta.
He said teachers there had been kept in suspense about their net pay, allowances and loan deductions.
“On behalf of the 5000 teachers of East Sepik, I call on the payroll Division of Education Department to clarify if the Alesco system is down,” Kopta said.
“Teachers need to know why this is happening.
“They need to know and follow on deductions on loans which they acquired to meet their children’s’ school fees and other needs,” he said
“Teachers have not been given payslips for three to four months.
“The salary office has given the excuse that the Alesco pay system is down.
“The last time I received my payslip was in August.”
Kopta said the salary function in the province had not been doing well after the transfer of that function from the Education Department and Teaching Service Commission about seven years ago.
He said the teachers’ pay issues had not been well managed and he urged the department and TSC to seriously look into them.
“We have been raising this issue over the years but no proper action has been undertaken,” Kopta said.
“Some teachers have not been paid for two to three years.
“Teachers teaching in remote schools are not getting their disadvantaged allowances.
“Teachers in boarding institutions are not getting their duty allowances.”
He said there are so many things not right in the province that needed the attention of the department and TSC.