Teachers pay issue needs solving


TEACHERS in the country are facing another extravagant challenge whereby their salaries were randomly slashed.
They are faced with a circumstance whereby many will prematurely leave schools for their Christmas holidays.
This is an added on problem to teachers throughout the country.
The have been faced with other problems including underpayments, still to be put on payroll, off sheet for many years and many other related factors.
It is time the Department of Education, Teaching Service Commission and the Ministry of Education fix this issue.
It is a shame to a country that has been calling itself rich, at a time whereby the Prime Minister James Marape is very vocal about taking back PNG and making it the richest black nation.
Such actions taken on teachers has tainted the above ambition.
Where the education system in PNG is heading to, is a question many teachers are asking.
No excuses should be given, the answer should come from every teacher’s salary before the year ends.
The rectification of teachers’ salaries is a national emergency, period.
The department concerned has to come clear and sort out every pending salary grievances and related matters piling in the Provincial Education Payroll Sections and the Education Department – Salary Section.
Teachers are not fools and dumbs deserving this sort of incomprehensible treatments.

Goroka, EHP

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