Teachers’ pay slip issue clarified


REFERENCE is made to an article published in The National newspaper, page 12, Thursday, Nov 9, 2017 entitled: ‘Teachers not receiving pay slips want clarification’.
All teachers are advised that the printing of pay slips by the department ceased in 2013.
However, pay slips are still made available in three modes:

  • Pay slips in Adobe format are generated fortnightly for each teacher by Alesco HRIS and made available to all provincial education reacher salary offices either through a shared folder on the department’s intranet or uploaded onto CD-ROMs and sent together with the payroll to those provinces off line;
  • Pay slips can be accessed from Alesco HRIS for those provincial education offices with active connection to the education network like East; and
  • Pay slips can be accessed through the application web self service (WSS) which is available on the department’s intranet and or can be accessed on any smart mobile phones using this link: http://wss.finance.gov.pg.

The department rolled out the education network called EdNet to all provincial education offices.
Alesco HRIS and Web Self Service are some ICT services made available on the EdNet. It is the province’s responsibility to ensure continuity of this Ednet service.
The management of teachers’ issues in provincial institutions is the provinces’ responsibility.
All teacher queries must be raised at the provincial education office.

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Department of Education