Teachers poorly treated


IT is becoming a norm that teachers’ allowances of different types are not paid on time.
Teachers’ leave fares and boarding duty allowances are not paid on time.
School holidays have begun and yet teachers are not ready to travel to their provinces on time, especially teachers from distant provinces.
It is the same case for the boarding duty allowances of teachers who have been doing boarding duties.
Teachers are lowly paid professionals in Papua New Guinea and do not enjoy the privileges other professionals enjoy, yet the education department still does not pay their allowances on time.
The country’s current poor cash-flow situation should not be an excuse.
The hard-working teachers totally deserve to have their allowances paid on time and in full.
There seems to be a lack of proper coordination of the payment of those allowances by the Education authorities in FinCorp House.
The Government is concerned about the quality of education but how can it improve things if it cannot first look after the welfare of teachers teaching in elementary, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.
Teachers are human beings just like anyone else who needs fair treatment by the government.

Rollexman, HTTC