Teachers postings list next week

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THE Education Department at Waigani expects to receive the full list of teachers’ postings for the new school year next week.
While the department clarified that the postings were a provincial administrative matter, it had yet to comment on steps taken with the Teaching Services Commission to resolve any posting hiccups in the future.
The continuous delay in notifiying the teachers’ postings this year by provincial education offices had left the teachers frustrated and angry.
According to reports in recent weeks, Central, Morobe and Madang provinces were the most affected until yesterday.
Teachers in these three provinces have been calling in at their respective  provincial administration headquarters to check their postings.
Incidentally, the nonpayment of teachers’ annual leave fares was not yet resovled in the same three provinces.
The Central provincial education division last week confirmed that while it had released its full teachers’ postings for this year last week, it had 50 teachers, who were yet to be paid their full leave entitlements dating back to the year 2000.
Morobe province is also still in the process of sorting out some 600 primary school teachers whose leave fares, dating back to 2007, were pending the release of funds by the provincial administration.
Morobe province also reported last week that about 1,000 of its teachers, including headmasters and secondary school principals, were still waiting for their postings this year.
Meanwhile, a concern was raised that teachers, who are expected to be posted in the remotest parts of each provinces and had not gotten any confirmation yet, may be faced with having to start late which could result in them being put onthe  payroll at a later date.