Teachers resume school year

National, Normal


MORE than 30,000 teachers nationwide were expected to resume duties yesterday for teachers’ resumption this week for this year’s school year, according to the Education Department.
Many schools teachers began yesterday with the familiar filling in of their resumption of duty forms and allocation into classes to teach this term.
The National yesterday visited the St Peter’s Erima Primary School in NCD while teachers were into the swing of things filling in their resumption of duty forms and discussing their allocation of classes for the first term of the school year.
Head teacher Carmel Torombe said the school has 28 confirmed teachers for primary and 12 for elementary school.
“We want to make this year a successful year for St Peter’s and this can only be made possible through positive community support and cooperation,” Mrs Torombe said.
Meanwhile, acting education secretary Luke Taita last week urged that teachers should have been at their schools by Jan 25 for resumption of duties yesterday.
“During this time teachers must ensure to fill in the Resumption of Duty Summary Sheet (RDSS) correctly in order that you are put back on payroll,” Mr Taita said.
Education Minister James Marape has urged teachers to look forward to the new academic year with a new perspective after a refreshing break.