Teachers return positive for Delta


GULF Governor Chris Haiveta has confirmed the presence of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Delta variant in his province.
He said two teachers had contracted the Covid-19.
“One of them teaches at a school in Kerema town and the other teaches in a school in Kikori (West Kerema),” he said.
Haiveta, who described the confirmed cases as a breakout, said yesterday the cases were reported in Kerema and villages in east and west Kerema.
“There is a breakout reported in Lese village (East Kerema) along the border of Central and Gulf, and in Kikori (West Kerema) along the border of Western and Gulf,” he said.
“We are now taking measures in contact-tracing and trying containment.”
Haiveta said the provincial health authority (PHA) was tasked to have a plan and had yet to show it to him.
“But I had discussion with the PHA chairman and he is buying personal protection equipment such as facemasks, and securing 4,000 vaccines in Port Moresby which will be brought to Gulf.”
He said they had plans to do awareness for the next seven days and were considering a 14-day lockdown of the provinces.

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