Teachers’ sacking continues

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THE Education Department continues to deregister teachers in the country with 61 teachers from Enga deregistered recently.
These teachers were found to have entered the system through fraudulent means and were discovered during the department’s review.
Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra said the Education Ministry discovered the teachers through a vetting process.
He said this was all part of ensuring the education sector had properly-credited teachers because it was an important profession.
Dr Kombra said teachers using fraudulent documents would not be allowed to become teachers and would be deregistered in order to uphold the integrity of the department.
He said provincial education boards were responsible for ensuring the vacant teaching positions were filled by qualified personnel.
Earlier, 142 teachers from Southern Highlands were deregistered.
At the beginning of the year, 620 teachers were deregistered.
The department will continue the vetting process into other provinces and deregister teachers who are teaching illegally.
Education Minister Jimmy Uguro warned teachers to be ethical and professional.
He said those who became teachers through fraudulent means did not deserve to be in the profession.
“Don’t use other people’s certificates to find a job, you have to be real,” Uguro said.
All of the teachers deregistered are elementary school teachers.
Dr Kombra said teachers who were deregistered:

  • WOULD receive deregistration letters terminating their employment as a teacher in a school in the PNG National Education system;
  • COULD not be appointed to any teaching position by all appointing authorities;
  • COULD not be readmitted by the Teaching Service Commission; and,
  • WOULD be taken off the payroll.


  • that’s good!

    Please continue with this deregistration because the country needs to be protected & students must be taught by professionals. Otherwise we are failing the country’s education system, in the end everybody will be dumb, dumbs.

    How sad!!

  • A Job Well done. Please continue the process in every provinces and also check the high and secondary schools. PNG need to employ the qualified people. People are using teaching as an entry point in earning a living without being qualified for.

  • Sorry for them, may be the authority can ask them to get back to the teachers colleges and certify themselves to continue where their interest is as they already gain some experiences there.

  • The deregistration of teachers through fraudulent means should continue through-out the country. Port Moresby is one of the province full of teachers with fraud certificates as well. Its not only the elementary sector but the primary sector has alot of such teachers.
    Senior school Inspectors are colloborating with this teachers through the wantok system and big forms of bribery to allow this teachers to spoil our children in the classrooms. (this should be stopped) its real and happening this moment.
    The Department through (relevant authorities) should screen all the certificates with records from MSU, and if they dont have the records there. Judge and deregister these damn teachers. We all struggled to have this valid certificates, who are you to laze around and use someones or fraud a certifcate to be employed. Its a disgrace to your family and fellow country men and women.
    The vetting MUST cover the Elementary, Primary and Secondary teachers through out the country to weed out this disease which is affecting the education system.

  • The vetting process should also apply to the health, police, correction, aviation, defense, etc because corruption is everywhere.

  • Please national department of education weed those fake and ghost certificate holders around the country and measurement services unit (MSU) must go through certificate numbers seriously to ensure it must terminated from the system.

  • It’s not teaching only check the Army, Police, Warder and all the public services machineries its the same.

  • So far so good. Thumbs up Education Department! I would urge that their retirement savings be defaulted to the state as they have earned these savings through fraudulent means.

    I would also suggest we vet our expatriates we hire in as well. I believe we have some unqualified in our system. The key department of interest will be Health & Education. In health, those medical officers working at PIH is certainly a concern. We want to really find out how they are qualified. In education, its right from Elementary, Primary and Secondary. I believe the Elementary & Primary would be the hard hit!

  • It is too late for Education Department to do this and it all falls back to them.
    Why not checking the certificates and doing all necessary checks first before admitting them as teachers and putting them on payroll.
    Mr Kombra you failed miserably so now he needs to send them back to Teachers colleges and they can come back and teach. They already have experience on hand

  • Good exercise,that’s the way forward,please phase out elementary system and introduce early childhood.The earlier the better.

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