Teachers told to base teachings on Christianity

The National, Thursday July 7th, 2016

IT is teachers who influence the lives of students and they should base their teachings on Christian principles so that students can progress in their education, says a local level government president.
Karintz LLG president Simon Tolpe said during a United Church education retreat in Mendi, Southern Highlands, that children caught on to things quickly so teachers must be careful of their conduct in school and villages.
“If teachers are gamblers, students will start to gamble. If you drink beer, they will drink beer because they will think it is normal and good,” Tolpe said.
“You have taught doctors, lawyers, pilot and others. You are highly praised for your tireless efforts but you have to show good examples to students.”
Tolpe, the provincial law and order committee chairman, is also concerned about  the big number of students involved in drinking homebrew.
He urged teachers to conduct coaching and mentoring classes to educate students about the dangers involved.
He said some teachers did their work honestly while others lacked commitment.
“Many teachers refuse to teach in rural areas,” he said.
because of the remoteness. But remember that there are poor students there who need you desperately. We think of ourselves but we do not think of those poor students,” he said.