Teachers tool for prosperity

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EDUCATING the younger generation to become role models in their societies is recognised as a tool for prosperity of this nation.
Through various speeches at the Holy Trinity Teachers College 18th graduation in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands province, the 132 graduating primary school teachers were told that educating children with young and innocent minds was good for PNG.
Catholic Education Agencies secretary and college’s governing council deputy chairman Peter Suri called on the graduates to be professionals in their jobs both in and out of the classroom.
Mr Suri also thanked the Moge Akilka, Numbka and Kopi tribes, as well as the squatter settlement communities living around the school, for looking after the school.
He said security was a problem in many schools around the country but for HTTC, this was not an issue as the surrounding communities were supportive of the school.
The HTTC is a Catholic church run institution and was recently merged with the Divine Word University in Madang.