Teachers under pressure


ELEMENTARY teachers in Eastern Highlands are being constantly reminded to upgrade or resign.
The new 1-6-6 system has created this environment where many teachers are being coerced into believing that the system will benefit only those elementary teachers who have upgraded themselves and elementary teachers who haven’t done so will be kicked out by the system that’s employing and supposed to be looking after them.
Where is the logic in this statement? Bosses or supervisors are there to direct and lead and not to enforce negative directives.
There is talk of elementary teachers leaving work prematurely. They were also told at professional meetings that this system will also affect their life savings.
Why can the education system identity elementary teachers who have been in the system for at least 15-20 years and encourage them to go for higher education on half fees.
Teachers have not been fully informed of how the 1-6-6 standard will affect them.
Can someone from the Education Department come to Eastern Highlands explain things?

Confused, EHP