Teachers unsure of postings

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MANY teachers in Morobe province are upset and disappointed with the New Year postings.
Others are still waiting for news of their posting and appointment.
A teacher and her husband whose previous postings were to a remote school in the Finschhafen district said they visited the education office during the week and had seen his name listed for an appointment but without a school name.
His wife’s appointment was still in question.
When the man returned to check the office on Wednesday, he found that he still had no choice but to return with his wife to his old school.
The teacher said he could not wait forever because he had a duty to serve the children.
“If I wait until the students begin classes, I will be denying them their right to education. I am a teacher,” he said.
Provincial education officers at the Lae division advised that the review of their appointments had been finalised and the problem should have been resolved.
If this wasn’t the case, then the problem lay with the officers at the head office in Port Moresby, they said.
However, most of the teachers said there had been many flaws with the appointments that resulted in the delay.
One teacher who previously taught in the Wasu local level government area said he only learnt on Thursday that he had been posted to a school in the isolated Menyamya district.
“This delay has caused a lot of confusion and frustration among us. Like my case, I know it will take days, because of the road condition, before my family and I get there,” he said.
Provincial Education Adviser Murika Bihoro was out of office and could not be reached for comment.