Teachers urged to implement curriculum reform

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DEPUTY head teacher Paul Raia from Vunapope Secondary High School, East New Britain province, has called on teachers to take ownership of the curriculum reform and make it suitable, bearing in mind their cultural beliefs and ways.
Mr Raia was speaking at the close of a two-day national conference organised by the PNG College of Educators (PNGCE) in Port Moresby on Tuesday at the PNG Education Institution.
He said teachers must understand the curriculum reform and make it suitable for schools and the community so that they would realise the importance of quality education and would move forward in terms of  student learning development.
“There will be support from all stakeholders, including  students,  teachers, parents and business houses; we can make the curriculum work by making use of what resources we have in place to make things happen,” Mr Raia said.
He said  leadership on the ground was vital in any school’s success and gave a scenario of the video “The Lion King” that elaborated more on the leadership role “and how we see and do things for ourselves as Papua New Guineans”.
“Leadership starts from within, it is about influencing others, develops a rich learning environment, builds professionalism and management capability, and inspires leadership actions and aspirations in others,” Mr Raia said.