Teachers warned bad remarks hurt students


TEACHERS have been warned to be careful with what they tell students.
United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) representative Shiva Busal said negative comments could discourage children from doing their best while positive remarks would help their learning.
“Bad remarks will cause students to feel uncomfortable with their teachers. Often they will be absent from school. And the more they are absent, the more they are left behind,” Busal said.
“They then eventually leave school forever because they cannot catch up with the rest of the class.”
Busal said teachers needed to create a conducive learning environment for students.
“No student is dumb. Everyone has the potential to be somebody. But sometime our remarks and approaches in teaching can discourage their learning process. Children’s mind are very sensitive to anything and everything and we have to be careful how we handle them,” he said.
Busal addressed the Jubilee Secondary School as part of the lead up event to the global campaign to end violence next year.
Senior project officer Aina Kaupa said many factors contribute to a child’s attitude and behaviour.
“Some girls face sexual harassment at home and would not concentrate well in class because they are thinking of the bad experiences they had. Teenage pregnancy is increasing and primary schools are no exception,” she said.
Child is conducting training with schools in NCD and Central in helping to enhance teacher’s skills and understanding on understanding the current trend of social issues and how to teach and manage students well.

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