Teaching is the mother of all professions

Letters, Normal

Teachers – young, old and those who have passed away – deserve to be remembered and appreciated for what they have contributed to this young country.
Had it not been for teachers, you will not be reading this letter to the editor.
The role of a teacher in nation-building cannot be over-emphasised.
National development hinges on the contributions of teachers.
Teaching is a humble profession.
In a classroom situation, the teacher imparts knowledge to his/her pupils and guide them to develop their potential.
Human resources development is the work of teachers.
Thus, teaching is the mother of all professions.
The Government should, therefore, make teaching attractive.
Incentives should be given to our teachers to increase their productivity.
I wish all teachers a happy Teachers’ Day, especially my fifth grade teacher who is also my father, and not forgetting the hard working teachers, both past and present, of Wabag Primary and Wabag Secondary.


Mac Minnala