Team Gulf call on their MPs for help

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TEAM Gulf are making a last-minute appeal to their two local MPs and all corporate companies in the province to assist them attend the PNG Games in Port Moresby next week.
Team Gulf coordinator Peter Magaea yesterday said apart from Governor Havila Kavo, who has been supportive of Team Gulf’s fundraising effort, Kikori MP Mark Maipakai and Kerema MP Pitom Bombom had failed to play their part in injecting some funds to help the team.
He said Team Gulf would be taking part in nine sports – soccer (men/women), basketball (men/women), rugby 7s, league 9s, touch (men/women), netball, volleyball (men/women), athletics and dart (men/women).
Magaea said the team needed at least K91,000 to import their uniforms from the Philippines.
Before any shipment can be made, Team Gulf must pay some deposit by next Thursday to ensure the uniforms are delivered on time.
Magaea said he was frustrated that the 10 LLG presidents had shown lack of interest in supporting the team to secure funds for their athletes.
The majority of 10 LLG presidents who are currently in Port Moresby for their official visit to LNG sites near Napa Napa and the surrounding Motuan villages of Papa, Boera and Porebada could not be reached for comments.
“Time is running out and I am concerned that the uniforms for the 327 athletes and officials may not arrive on time for the official opening in Port Moresby next week,” Magaea said.