Team leader educating communities about Covid-19


GULF Health Authority team leader Lucy Solomon is at the forefront of educating communities about the coronavirus (Covid-19) and encouraging people to get vaccinated.
She works alongside other health workers to drive the Covid-19 awareness campaigns and forge community engagements in Kerema and Kikori.
Solomon applies many of the skills she developed when studying an Australia Awards short course in family and child health at Queensland University of Technology in 2019.
“I have implemented much of what I learned by identifying problems, especially gaps in awareness of the Covid-19, and the different approaches and strategies needed to bridge the gaps,” she said.
One key obstacle Solomon and her colleagues have come up against is misinformation.
“Because there is much speculation or negative information about the Covid-19 and the vaccines on social media, (many) people fear vaccination and do not want to be vaccinated.”

Lucy Solomon (seated on right) with Gulf Health Authority colleagues doing
the Covid-19 awareness work in Gulf.
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