Team NCD shoot ahead on 4th PNG Games medal tally

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TEAM National Capital District shot ahead at the 4th PNG Games’ first medal ceremony on Saturday afternoon, when its’ powerlifting team raked in a total of eight gold, and two bronze medals, after a comprehensive two days at the Sir John Guise Indoor Stadium.
“It is still early days yet, but it’s a great start for Team NCD”, said an ecstatic Governor Powes Parkop at the ceremony.
The hosts cleaned the womens divisions with gold to Hitolo Kevau in the 52kg, Mareva Oda 56kg, Melissa Tikao 60kg, Kopi Naime 67.5kg, Doris Maimu 90kg, and Sandy David 100kg. Mens Ruben John added his gold to the tally in the 52kg, whilst Kenny Naime 75kg broke all ranks with a daring 220kg deadlift, and the highest total of 572kg overall across all divisions for his gold.
Team Eastern Highlands grabbed the other two gold on offer in the womens through Junet Moss 75kg and Margaret Benny 82.5kg. Their male counterparts Richard Dickson 56kg and Enoch Jim 60kg collected the silver, whilst Malins Monopae 60kg, and Faivex Moss 75kg won bronze in their divisions.
Team Morobe managed to finally pull off golden lifts late on Saturday afternoon through Jerry Anengo 56kg, James Kombra 67.5kg, and Ambros Polulu 100kg in the mens, to start the defending champions’ medal tally. Larsen Lio 75kg and Sinia Dita 82.5kg added to this with their silvers.
Mangi West Masalai Wan 60kg and John Suluf 82.5 kg gave Team West New Britain their first gold medals and lone Central Province lifter John Enoka stood strong throughout to come away with the silver in the 67.5kg division.
In total Team NCD completed the two day powerlifting competition with eight gold and two bronze, Team Eastern Highlands two gold, two silver and two bronze, Team Morobe three gold, two silver and three bronze, Team West New Britain two gold and one silver, and Team Central, one gold.