Team PNG show off kit

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The National, Friday July 20th, 2012

TEAM Papua New Guinea will wear a stunningly vibrant uniform in the national colours of red, black and gold, with the national emblem of the Bird of Paradise at the London Olympics opening ceremony next week.
The Papua New Guinea Sports Federation and Olympic Committee yesterday unveiled the uniforms Team PNG will wear in London.
At the opening ceremony on July 27, the women will wear a meri blouse top and skirt, while the men will be wearing a tropical shirt and sulu.
Along with the walk-out uniforms, all athletes and officials have been provided with a range of items, including tracksuits, hoodies, windbreakers, polo shirts, shorts, Tee-shirts, shoes and sandals.
The predominant colours for most of the uniforms are black, red and yellow, giving the team a smart, distinctive look.
“With London expected to experience another typical English summer, meaning a predominance of wind and rain with some patches of sunshine, Team PNG athletes and officials will be making good use of all their uniform items when dressing for the weather.
“Apart from factoring in the weather conditions, comfort and style were keys to the design of the Team PNG uniforms.
“Syd Yates, the chef de mission for Team PNG, is pleased with the look of the uniforms and is looking forward to the reactions the team will receive in London.
“The uniform was designed with comfort, style and suitability in mind and I think the uniforms will be quite popular with our team and with the other teams in the village,” Yates said.
The PNGSFOC is responsible for the uniforms for Team PNG to all international games and secretary-general, Auvita Rapilla said:
“It is important that our uniforms reflect our country but at the same time serve the needs of our team at the Olympics.
“For these Games we have tried to supply the team with a range of items to ensure they are comfortable and protected from the elements, while at the same time wearing something they will look good in and be proud to wear. I think the uniforms look sensational.”
The uniforms were supplied by Tura, Centoro, Asia Pacific Management and Crocs.
The team will be gathering in London over the coming days and will have an official welcome at the London Olympic Village on Sunday.