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A TEAM of officers from the Finance Department and police are working to recover the 148 vehicles used during Apec in November last year and yet to be returned to the pool.
Finance Minister Rainbo Paita told The National yesterday that the 10-man team had recovered seven so far, leaving 141 “outstanding”.
“Of the 141 Apec vehicles still outstanding, some are still with the organisations which used them during the Apec Leaders’ Summit. They have not returned them,” he said.
“Some involved in accidents are damaged and still to be recovered.
“A few have gone missing.”
Paita said of the 148 vehicles, 80 were “low-end” and 68 “high-end”.
“There was a 14-day notice given for the cars to be returned but no one returned them.
“So now we have a team that will go out and get those vehicles,” he said.
“I’m not going to issue them another notice or deadline to return the vehicles.
“The team will go and retrieve the vehicles.”
Paita has also received a report on Apec which is now being audited by KPMG.
“Once the audit is completed, I will table the report in Parliament.”


  • Very true, everyone has been taken for a ride by the minister incharge of APEC and the Finance Sec. This is a demonstration of lack of due care in discharging their responsibilities accordingly. With the amount of public money being transacted for the event, the lack of control put in place is unacceptable. Both politician and sec must be reprimanded. …Why is the new minister making statments no operational matters.?? Dont confuse and cover for incompetency in the department.

  • The National report 15th June 2019
    ’45 APEC vehicles still missing’ –by Helen Tarawa in National
    Now its back up to 141
    Does anyone involved in APEC tell the truth?

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