Team to probe alcohol problems

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LEADER of Government Business Rainbo Paita announced the establishment of a Special Parliamentary Committee on alcohol-related violence yesterday.
This came about after Goroka MP Aiye Tambua asked Prime Minister James Marape whether the Government would set up a parliamentary committee to look at the sale and consumption of cheap alcohol beverages with high spirit content by youths that were causing problems in communities.
In response, Marape said the Parliamentary Committee was to be set up yesterday, acknowledging that the use, consumption and sale of alcohol had gone beyond what it should have been in the country.
Paita said members of the committee were MPs Aiye Tambua (chairman), Elias Kapavore (deputy chairman), Don Polye, William Tongamp, Lohia Boe Samuel, John Kaupa and Dr Allan Marat.
“The committee shall conduct an inquiry and report on alcohol-related violence in PNG with focus on community safety and preventative measures to reduce levels of violence, including its ramifications,” he said.
He said the committee would inquire into:

  • THE effectiveness of policies that were focused on addressing alcohol consumption;
  • THE sale and consumption of cheap alcoholic drinks;
  • THE legislation governing the production of cheap drinks with high alcohol content;
  • EDUCATION campaigns and their roles in cultivating effective social change in terms of community attitudes to alcohol consumption;
  • THE role of parents in influencing the attitudes of young people towards alcohol consumption; and,
  • THE economic cost of alcohol-related violence.

“The committee should take public submissions and consult with community leaders, educators, law enforcement, medical professionals and the liquor industry.
“The committee will have powers to send for persons, papers and records to act during recess,” he said.